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  Christian Martin 37b118ef51
Add project coordinator 6 years ago
  Justin W. Flory 0079523951
Update constitution date for 2017-2018 6 years ago
  Nate Levesque 403aa8e97b 2015-2016 RITlug Constitution Update 8 years ago
  Nate Levesque 392f933c82 Merge pull request #3 from thenaterhood/master 8 years ago
  Nate Levesque 6cb0d70c3b Add basic latex instructions 8 years ago
  Nate Levesque b9b65f2121 Merge pull request #2 from thenaterhood/master 8 years ago
  Nate Levesque 8b4c6bf733 Remove extra colon 8 years ago
  Nate Levesque 84eacc21eb Move requirements to dedicated section 8 years ago
  Nate Levesque 461ec19be6 Update with reqs and build instructions 8 years ago
  Claire Charron 84f80b2754 Eboard deficit clause. 9 years ago
  Claire Charron ea5b7139b3 Change structure. 9 years ago
  Claire Charron c234a31864 Remove Treasurer position. 9 years ago
  Claire Charron 5b34eaaac6 Account transfer policy. 10 years ago
  Claire Charron 40b4fe9c18 Change license to CC0. 10 years ago
  Claire Charron 9d228e4cad Removed section on hazing; it's apparently unnecessary. 10 years ago
  Claire Charron 1272c7c916 Makefile. 10 years ago
  Claire Charron 357feac601 Some formatting. 10 years ago
  Claire Charron 4275239037 Merge pull request #1 from RITlug/master 10 years ago
  Claire Charron eb867805b7 Network policy, formatting. 10 years ago
  Claire Charron 38af3549cc Subsections. 10 years ago
  Claire Charron cfc8c29b66 Duties, quarter -> term. 10 years ago
  Claire Charron 8dc2ea2c61 Software installation policy. 10 years ago
  Claire Charron cd57f0ff99 Changes to wording, updates for consistency and concision. 10 years ago
  Claire Charron b2fc403f70 Page title refactor. 10 years ago
  Claire Charron 03ecffdfc6 Move extra stuff into document header, add constitution. 10 years ago
  Nate Levesque fb4272cb60 add server use policy LaTeX code 10 years ago
  Nate Levesque cbfa9097a7 add license, policy folder, update README 10 years ago
  Nate Levesque b9fec4861b Initial commit 10 years ago