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\section{Duties of Officers}
\item President:
\item Preside over all meetings and activities of the organization, and the Executive Board.
\item Attend all general club meetings, designating an alternative member to attend meetings in the President's absence.
\item Appoint all committees, regular or special.
\item Enforce all internal club policies.
\item Vice-President:
\item Take over the duties of the President when needed or in the President's absence.
\item Act as an ex-officio member of all committees within the club.
\item Maintain all internal club policies and documentation.
\item Treasurer:
\item Take over the duties of the Vice-President or Secretary in the absence of either, or both.
\item Supervise all financial transactions of the organization and keep all financial records.
\item Maintain regular contact with the Secretary of Finance of Student Government.
\item Secretary:
\item Take over the duties of the Treasurer in the temporary absence of the Treasurer.
\item Keep an accurate roll of members and keep the minutes of all meetings.
\item Be responsible for maintaining and updating all paperwork with Student Government.
\section{Executive Board}

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\renewcommand*\thesection{Function \Roman{section}: }
\renewcommand*\thesubsection{Subroutine \Roman{section}.\Roman{subsection}: }
\renewcommand*\thesubsection{Subroutine \Roman{subsection}: }