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\title{RITlug Server Use Policy}
\author{RITlug Eboard 2013-14}
\date{October 12, 2013}
\section{Access Privileges}
\item Ranking members of eboard and those deemed trustworthy by eboard may hold elevated privileges/access to elevated privileges (ie, sudo).
\item Those with the ability to use elevated privileges will not use their access to violate the privacy of other members without due concern from eboard/RIT.
\item Installing/making accessible new software or services needs to go through eboard and appropriate documentation for usage and files installed should be produced.
\item Those with access to elevated privileges may modify server configurations and move data (in accordance with previous bullet) as necessary providing user privacy and copyrights are not violated.
\item Accounts can be requested from eboard and will be created at the discretion of eboard.
\section{Resource Use}
\item Users may use storage space to store content assuming it does not violate club or school policies.
\item Users may not use what the RITlug eboard deems to be excessive amounts of storage space
\item Users may store content and source code produced by them and will retain copyright to said content, and do not grant RITlug any rights to use it without obtaining proper permission.
\item Users may use the RITlug servers for their own research/compilation/whatever tasks, but should consult with eboard prior to doing anything that may require a substantial amount of resources
\item Users should monitor their running software or tasks so that they can be dealt with promptly in the event of a problem.
\section{Service Use}
\subsection{Task Scheduling}
\item Users may not create scheduled system tasks without consulting with other eboard members
\item Users may make use of their own personal crontabs for reasonable (at the discretion of eboard) tasks
\item Users may use webserver/ftp/etc services to serve content assuming it does not violate club or school policies and the user has permission to serve said content with regards to copyrights.
\item Users will not use the servers to publicise content that RITlug deems offensive or otherwise in bad taste.
\item The RITlug eboard can vote to remove or disallow content or use at any time
\section{VM Use}
\item Virtual machines are governed by the previously stated policies
\item The “Owner” of a VM will have root access to their VM
\item RITlug’s eboard may vote to remove any VM’s that we feel violate school or club policies
\section{Removing Accounts/Data}
\item The owner of the account/data to be removed will be given advance warning and opportunity so they can retrieve/backup their data before removal, except in cases where the data to be removed offends RIT/RITlug policies.
\item Accounts and data will not be removed without first consulting eboard