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Software installation policy.

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\item Members of the Executive Board and those deemed trustworthy by the Executive Board may hold access to elevated privileges (e.g. sudo).
\item Those with access to use elevated privileges shall not use their access to violate the privacy of other members without probable cause as decided by either the Executive Board or the Institute.
\item An installation or change in accesibility of software or services must be approved by the Executive Board, who shall decide the appropriate requirements for the documentation of the new software or services.
\item Those with access to elevated privileges may modify or move server configurations or data as necessary, without violating any other policies.
\item Accounts may be requested from the Executive Board and will be created at the Executive Board's discretion.
\section{Installation of Software}
\item Any installation of system-available software must be approved by a member of the Executive Board.
\item Installation of software which must be run with elevated privileges must be approved by a majority of the Executive Board.
\item The Executive Board shall decide the appropriate requirements for the documentation of newly installed software.
\item If software is to be installed on one of RITlug's servers but not all of them, the newly introduced inconsistency must be documented and approved by unanimous vote of the Executive Board.
\section{Resource Use}