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  Jeffery Russell dbdef35655
Merge pull request #110 from jrtechs/sql-refactor 2 years ago
  jrtechs d6257a4902 Refactored out mysql for sqlite 2 years ago
  jrtechs daba656ea5 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jrtechs/NodeJSBlog into sql-refactor 2 years ago
  jrtechs 700ee190f8 Removed traffic logging logic and removed unused email config 2 years ago
  jrtechs f8d835f3fe Removed unused send email logic and dependency 2 years ago
  jrtechs 1edc932e9c updated contact form method to use centeralized alert service 2 years ago
  jrtechs acc8284278 Refactored blogContent to just content 2 years ago
  jrtechs b303978cad Updated docker docs and updated docker container with git 2 years ago
  jrtechs 59ae716860 Updated nodemailer version 2 years ago
  jrtechs c06b8aea79 Updated video link for I Robot video reference 2 years ago
  jrtechs 1fc5da7cfd Visualizing Fitbit GPS Data blog post 3 years ago
  jrtechs 23e7951a41 Minecraft in docker blog post 3 years ago
  jrtechs c00cfa1e4f DIY video hosting website blog post. 3 years ago
  jrtechs 8de34766ad Removed unused dependency that had a security vunerability in it 3 years ago
  jrtechs 9977ba6a47 Running scala in docker blog post 3 years ago
  jrtechs fa2aa09059 Quadtree animation post 3 years ago
  jrtechs 49b98b443a Added ability to include GIFs in blog posts 3 years ago
  jrtechs 2b4afa96aa 2020 in review post 3 years ago
  jrtechs 1213d034c8 Segmenting images with quad trees post 3 years ago
  jrtechs dc462121eb fixed code formatting in gitea post 3 years ago
  jrtechs 9ef6d51110 created docker compose run script for node application 3 years ago
  jrtechs 0c2cc6d13e editing changes to parallel java post 3 years ago
  jrtechs 7df50ac5c8 edit changes to steam graphs blog post 3 years ago
  jrtechs 4718ee9b1d edit changes to cuda vs cpu post 3 years ago
  jrtechs b2d5a891f3 quad tree post revisions 3 years ago
  jrtechs 05b9a230bc point quad tree post 3 years ago
  jrtechs 9bcacfd676 updated index photos 3 years ago
  jrtechs beb9e67bf4 fixed svg width again 4 years ago
  jrtechs a7827fda76 parallel java blog post 4 years ago
  jrtechs 4af846505e added header image for PrismJS blog post 4 years ago
  jrtechs 7372621ae5 Prism blog post 4 years ago
  jrtechs d2d19ad709 Fixed svg width 4 years ago
  jrtechs 97c2d2d4e6 fixed youtube rendering and code on /posts 4 years ago
  jrtechs 61a471debb Added language tags to older blog posts 4 years ago
  jrtechs 30d72904a5 Updated syntax highlighter to Prism JS 4 years ago
  jrtechs b3e77605af Blog post on node2vec 4 years ago
  Jeffery Russell 1c04c78407
Merge pull request #102 from jrtechs/github-profile 4 years ago
  jrtechs e0e0000dc3 Added dynamic github profile post. 4 years ago
  jrtechs dd40629269 Fixed width of svg image 4 years ago
  jrtechs 22a510b1ef Fixed cache so github's camo server doesn't cache it 4 years ago
  jrtechs 19e373e0e4 fixed svg width 4 years ago
  jrtechs 59b6c99237 changed route of svg so github recognizes it 4 years ago
  Jeffery Russell 46bedb7e93
Merge pull request #101 from jrtechs/svg-recent 4 years ago
  jrtechs 72acc4c8d3 added route to create svg with recent blog posts 4 years ago
  jrtechs b53a068dc4 steams games hours blog post 4 years ago
  jrtechs f29963f902 Functional Java post 4 years ago
  jrtechs c9fe227add cuda vs cpu blog post 4 years ago
  jrtechs f3eea3fa43 audio switch blog post 4 years ago
  jrtechs 8178180f20 pixel art blog post 4 years ago
  jrtechs a312570dfa gans in PyTorch blog post 4 years ago