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  Yotam Berkowitz 35ba2eae95 changed version to v4.20.1-SNAPSHOT 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz b110a055a1 Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/almende/vis into develop 6 years ago
  yotamberk 9a95266f69 V4.20.1 (#3224) 6 years ago
  yotamberk 77cf6df50b Fix subgroup collision (#3200) 7 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz d3c2008b49 Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/almende/vis into develop 7 years ago
  yotamberk eec083ce9a Fix stacking when setting option (#3172) (#3201) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders ff5916dc8e Set dimensions properly of images on initialization. (#3205) 7 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz f115ebbd04 Remove npm-debug logs 7 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz dab20a887f Merge conflicts 7 years ago
  wimrijnders d8458a90da Small fix on ref usage in DataGroup (#3198) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 2eb4bbc2d9 Release checklist (#3084) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders a820ec4b77 Refactoring of Node Drawing (#3170) 7 years ago
  Joshua Walsh 13ef7eeb63 Fixed #3183 (#3184) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 427de224ad Reverse nodes returned with 'from' and 'to' directions (#3186) 7 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz b29faf7f6c Merge branch 'releaseChecklist' of https://github.com/almende/vis into develop 7 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz 73423c075b Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/almende/vis into develop 7 years ago
  David Sutherland 48a1d3a82a Adjusting timeline TimeStep.roundToMinor - fixes #3105 (#3175) 7 years ago
  Rafael G Goes 56083ec6f3 Adding caching to Range getMillisecondsPerPixel function (#3154) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 418b42bb64 Refactored line drawing for Bezier edges (#3122) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 33a4c28ec6 Refactoring of `BezierEdgeStatic._getViaCoordinates()` (#3121) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 98c0922d63 Consolidate code for determining the pixel ratio (#3088) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders c16b2a3c58 Network: Smooth type 'dynamic' adjusted for node-specific option in hierarchical (#3130) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders a746466950 Fix usage of clustering with hierarchical networks (#3132) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders f8ba6f037c Protect Network from zero and negative mass values (#3135) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 04ecc8575b Prevent crashes from invalid id's in `Clustering.findNode()` (#3166) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 69fef3dbf4 Ensure start and end of stabilization progress events is sent (#3165) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 33c3e3d8e4 Add data group class to Graph3d (#3152) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders be036db2d8 Fix on call to i`fontOptions.chooser()` in module Label (#3124) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders b882b3873c Properly handle newline escape sequences in strings for DOT (#3112) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 3ce7fbecf0 Refactoring of LayoutEngine (#3110) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders ee566f74e6 Added collapsible items for objects in graph3d doc (#3104) 7 years ago
  Graham J e54bb16241 Timeline: Allow overriding `align` per item (#3107) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 22edb38171 Fix option handling label selection of edges (#3116) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders ed8d6cb0a0 Edge labels turn bold on select and hover (#3111) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 003a4b26fa Changed order of (de)select events for network (#3113) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 0e6b6ecdb8 Added param 'direction' to Network.getConnectedNodes() (#3108) 7 years ago
  Ondřej Exner 28abf0a5df timeline - items always draggable upgrade for range (#3073) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 87cd18230d Add prefix to cancelAnimationFrame() (#3087) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 88d298da67 added make github release 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 26a249bd99 unchecked everything 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik b81dbcf16c created a checklist for the release process 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 0efc1ef7b9 changed version to v4.20.1-SNAPSHOT 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 207b3a4f8b Release v4.20.0 (#3077) 7 years ago
  Ben Morton 421e361350 Add support for multiple class names in utils add/remove class methods. (#3079) 7 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz 545fb18b8f Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/almende/vis into develop 7 years ago
  Cameron Kloot 28fc990661 Timeline 'showTooltips' option (#3046) 7 years ago
  Angelo Youn 585d8b092e LineGraph: Add an existingItemsMap to check if items are new or not before skipping (#3075) 7 years ago
  yotamberk ec4699df57 Nathanbennett improve timeline stack performance (#3078) 7 years ago
  Pat Sissons e25db74b4b replacing all ES6 imports with CJS require calls (#3063) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 9a564417d0 Fixes for loading images into image nodes (#2964) 7 years ago