3131 Commits (4a25c43e4c796bf443395a8456b62f1ea84c1511)

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  josdejong 09797fac43 Made project name in header static 11 years ago
  josdejong d4d5e19294 Moved module files in a separate folder 11 years ago
  josdejong c5d7a9a9a5 Isolated the local classes in a single namespace (using commonjs for referring local classes does not work that handy) 11 years ago
  josdejong b2b66d32cd Fixed broken test files 11 years ago
  josdejong f98bb4410c Added a simple tool to watch for changes in the source and automatically rebuild vis.js on changes 11 years ago
  josdejong 3c414664e0 Added a simple tool to watch for changes in the source and automatically rebuild vis.js on changes 11 years ago
  josdejong 013a86cbb2 Released version 0.0.7 11 years ago
  josdejong f66dd485a4 Released version 0.0.6 11 years ago
  josdejong 6590e2cd2e Applied node style dependency management, using browserify now to bundle the code 11 years ago
  josdejong 1a3be5f64e Extended the test file 11 years ago
  josdejong d55fb71c7f Changed the dom of the itemset, added an axis element 11 years ago
  josdejong 704136eec8 Split the dom for the itemset in two sets: foreground and background (instead of ugly z-index tricks) 11 years ago
  josdejong 3e4e9313e3 Using vis as internal namespace now. All module related stuff is now located on a single place, in module.js 11 years ago
  josdejong 5c14597bb9 Implemented namespacing, closure, and support for require.js 11 years ago
  josdejong 1b941b9ec4 Implemented automatic start and end based on the data range 11 years ago
  josdejong 8a67a9f172 Css is now packages in the js file. 11 years ago
  josdejong 145e2c827e updated ignore list of component.json 11 years ago
  josdejong c65bf10d4d bower.json seems not to work. trying component.json... 11 years ago
  josdejong 8e28c06295 Bower package file updated with ignores 11 years ago
  josdejong 7489ae0ab1 Changed build script to generate a single library vis.js in the project root 11 years ago
  josdejong 40117bc055 License information added 11 years ago
  josdejong b4a26e8b28 Bower package created 11 years ago
  josdejong fdd92c01e9 Readme updated, example added 11 years ago
  josdejong 4314526277 Logo updated 11 years ago
  josdejong 757290e776 Logo created 11 years ago
  josdejong e97d7d2118 Keywords and title updated 11 years ago
  josdejong f2d19b9fc5 CNAME file added 11 years ago
  josdejong 15e6e3e57c Initial web page 11 years ago
  Jos de Jong a79f26dfef Create gh-pages branch via GitHub 11 years ago
  josdejong 45afd42252 Initial import 11 years ago
  Jos de Jong 0183801e21 Initial commit 11 years ago