3131 Commits (4a25c43e4c796bf443395a8456b62f1ea84c1511)

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  wimrijnders 85e36ed575 Configurable minimum and maximum sizes for dot-size graphs (#2849) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 000fe8222b Added check on mission var 'options', refactoring. (#3055) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 168e79d299 Use get() to get data from DataSet/View instead of directly accessing member _data. (#3069) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders bf80a902f2 Avoid overriding standard context method ellipse() (#3072) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 02911c0d3a Add command line options to mocha for running tests (#3064) 7 years ago
  Danny Larsen 63794a32d8 mouseup and mousedown events fixes #3032 (#3059) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders f67d16c963 Fix #2922: bold label for selected ShapeBase classes. (#2924) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 005fa974cb Fix #2952 Pre-render node images for interpolation (#3010) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders b20fe1231c Fix for exploding directed network, first working version; refactored hierarchical state in LayoutEngine. (#3017) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders e422c3424f Refactoring of Label.propagateFonts() (#3052) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 167398063e Set CircleImageBase.imageObjAlt always when options change (#3053) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 29e696aaad Label.getFormattingValues() fix option fallback to main font for mod-fonts (#3054) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders a58b92c123 Fix handling of node id's in saveAndLoad example (#2943) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 10927b5931 Fix click and doubleclick events on items (#2988) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 41677bdbf6 Refactoring in Canvas.js (#3030) 7 years ago
  Marco Schnüriger 0a64249ce6 Implementation of a week scale feature (#3009) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 77699b4fd9 Eliminate repeatedly fired `rangechanged` events on mousewheel (#2989) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 6bffd4921a added documentation on how labels are used (#2873) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders e17136a88d Fix placement label for dot shape (#3018) 7 years ago
  Ben Morton 79bb381c21 Add check for parent existence when changing group in Item.setData. (#2985) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 253e52a948 Fix #2994: select edge with id zero (#2996) 7 years ago
  Ben Morton 0ae676c424 Add check for empty groupIds array and get full list from data set. Fixes #2877 (#2986) 7 years ago
  Ivo Silva 28a4d44ae6 Fix #2614: Timeline docs border overlaps (#2992) 7 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz 0c27b50bed Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/almende/vis into develop 7 years ago
  yotamberk b496717695 Fix doubleclick add (#2987) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 3028c14579 Fix #2679 (#2973) 7 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz 099a8e7142 Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/almende/vis into develop 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 1ae1e15a50 Network: use separate refresh indicator in NodeBase, instead of width… (#2885) 7 years ago
  yotamberk bcbce0a2bc Drag and drop custom fields (#2872) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 03c6e9b627 Fix #2914: Use option edges.chosen if present in global options (#2917) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 6e59ac909d Drop control - fix #2834 (#2974) 7 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz af16ffcc18 Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/almende/vis into develop 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 3d79ad5631 Fix #2940 Gephi consolidate double assignment of node title. (#2962) 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 420f8a3bbf Fix check for nodes not present in EdgesHandler (#2963) 7 years ago
  Steven Jones fc082d3334 Fixes #2918: Remove usages of elementsCensor. (#2947) 7 years ago
  Tom Woudenberg 1cd3b054b6 Rolling mode offset (#2950) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 3d1e8a3296 Add callback functions to moveTo, zoomIn, zoomOut and setWindow (#2870) 7 years ago
  Brad Hards 3ecc98fffc [Timeline fix #2814] Do not corrupt class names at high zoom levels. (#2909) 7 years ago
  Brad Hards 752da28b3c Fix typo in PR template. (#2908) 7 years ago
  Brad Hards 23e96c3000 (timeline docs #2888) Fix error in class names. (#2911) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik fd46ec13c8 updated moment.js (#2925) 7 years ago
  Ludo Stellingwerff ec201296aa Reduce the time-complexity of the network initial positioning. (#2759) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 1901a3ec9d Visible items bug (#2878) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 92088be21b added @wimrijnders to the support team (#2886) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 0944445a1a changed version to v4.19.1-SNAPSHOT 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik d6f63589c8 Release v4.19.1 7 years ago
  yotamberk 0906f0a493 fix(timeline): #2809 Fix docs typo in `showNested` (#2879) 7 years ago
  Ben Morton a67a8e2287 Fixes for removing and adding items to subgroups (#2821) 7 years ago
  Ben Morton a6a7ee232e Allow nested groups to be removed by nulling the nestedGroups content. (#2852) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 2a1ce025e6 fix(chore): Moved babel to devDependencies (#2875) 7 years ago