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  Alexander Wunschik d9056c160c added code-climate configs 7 years ago
  yotamberk 1e9dce1193 Merge pull request #2406 from almende/build-cleanup 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 9c96927d7d removed merge-stream 7 years ago
  yotamberk 5900ea0319 fix: _origRedraw sometimes undefined (#2399) 7 years ago
  David Anderson a77e462105 fix: #2402 make sure a given element isn’t undefined before accessing properties (#2403) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 4d7a21c847 fixes #2367 Group editable bug (#2368) 7 years ago
  David Anderson 8a9edbbf87 fix: Font styles and width and height of nodes (#2385) 7 years ago
  yoavdamri eeba7fd05d feat: add pointer position to zoom event (#2377) 7 years ago
  yotamberk d779efe3f3 Fixes #2336 mouse wheel problem on custom time element (#2366) 7 years ago
  yotamberk a32a7f77f3 Fixes #2307 timeline async initial redraw bug (#2386) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 5f7a721bf9 Fixed #2312 vertical scroll bug with groups and fixed height (#2363) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 52b7474c3c Merge pull request #2357 from wimrijnders/PR28 7 years ago
  Wim Rijnders 2d42284527 Readied 3d camera orientation code for merge into develop branch 7 years ago
  linuxnotes 769415ea3a Improvement for camera 3d moving (#2340) 7 years ago
  A c4f6a6f0a7 Add ability to move graph3d by left mouse button while pressing ctrl key and rotate like before 7 years ago
  Kentaro Goto b0c5659383 fixed label disappearing bug for large axis values in graph3d (#2348) 7 years ago
  Garrett Loy 44df7e5a64 Fixes #2333 Scrollbar width on browser zoom (#2344) 7 years ago
  David Anderson b31ae149f0 label margins for box, circle, database, icon and text nodes. (#2343) 7 years ago
  David Anderson 17ce133094 Edit edge without endpoint dragging, and pass label in data (#2329) 7 years ago
  yotamberk c0ca1af07f Fixes #2319 (#2335) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 878f0c53f3 Improvements to support group visibility (see #2315) (#2334) 7 years ago
  Simon Morris e79d709df6 Added option to change the visibility of a group (#2315) 7 years ago
  Simon Morris baa6f9fdb1 More editable control of timeline items (#2305) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 161c3d04a2 Merge pull request #2313 from Loreno10/patch-4 7 years ago
  Loreno10 44f382a32d Changed "an" to "and" in graph3D docs 7 years ago
  yotamberk 748ee5d9a2 Fixes #2273 Cannot scroll page when zoomKey is enabled (#2301) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 0545f382ec Fixes #2295 Issues with vertical scroll and maxHeight (#2302) 7 years ago
  yotamberk a29aae98b0 Fixes #2285 onUpdate event (#2304) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 9310b22ff9 Merge pull request #2296 from simo9000/docUpdate 7 years ago
  morrissh b02c13f5a5 Timeline: updated group.content description to show that it can be an element 7 years ago
  wimrijnders 588d9b685a Fixes #2274 graph3d disappears when setSize is called (#2293) 7 years ago
  Jos de Jong 2f77d803ba Fixes #2251: no axis after daylight saving (#2290) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 6fde6f8087 Merge pull request #2286 from Loreno10/patch-3 7 years ago
  Loreno10 023bb425cb Update index.html of Graph3D 7 years ago
  Simon Morris a83ef017b1 Timeline editable can override items (#2284) 7 years ago
  Ludo Stellingwerff 876e0ab83e Graph2d performance enhancement (#2281) 7 years ago
  yotamberk 0ec5b208dd Merge pull request #2267 from almende/develop-snapshot 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik c34d4c6da8 marked development version as SNAPSHOT 7 years ago
  yotamberk 655ca6fee6 Merge pull request #2265 from almende/v4.17_release 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik a92c56c467 updated external dependencies; fixes #2243; 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 9017d6fab6 updated HISTORY from commit log 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 271c327212 improved how_to_publish.md 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik b19383fec8 creating commit log using "`git describe --tags --abbrev=0`..HEAD --oneline > log_v4.17.txt" 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 3351dfe4d5 bumped package.json version to 4.17.0 7 years ago
  yotamberk cac9a0948e Merge pull request #2264 from almende/mojoaxel-fix2189 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik b522f4ef68 fixes DataView.refresh bug introduced with #2189 7 years ago
  yotamberk feab6c5a0d Fixes #2261 Bugs with mousewheel events (#2262) 7 years ago
  yotamberk c6a55cfa79 Merge pull request #2260 from almende/mojoaxel-patch-2248 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 1b89692072 fixed bug introduced by #2248 7 years ago
  yotamberk 4950efe92e Merge pull request #2258 from almende/revert-2256-timeline-editableOverride 7 years ago