3131 Commits (4a25c43e4c796bf443395a8456b62f1ea84c1511)

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  josdejong 1ecb550d59 Moved the source files around 11 years ago
  josdejong aab9e38ed3 Improved Graph constructor and method setData 11 years ago
  josdejong 287cfa1446 Splitted Graph.js into a file for every prototype (Node, Edge, ...) 11 years ago
  josdejong 4eed201768 Renamed source files to match the name of the containing prototype 11 years ago
  josdejong ed401c31ff Graph uses util methods from vis.js now 11 years ago
  josdejong 0241a46f68 Removed history/animation support from Graph 11 years ago
  josdejong 1d7de110c0 Removed line styles moving-arrow and moving-dot from Graph 11 years ago
  josdejong 41a34ebf5f Removed packages support from Graph 11 years ago
  josdejong c68456d0ca Removed appending data to Graph 11 years ago
  josdejong f25d8c5f65 Simplified Graph constructor 11 years ago
  josdejong ab6e07a180 Removed DataTable support from Graph (will be back when vis.DataSet is supported) 11 years ago
  josdejong e9f85a6361 Imported Graph documentation from former project 11 years ago
  josdejong eef61aa4da Initial import of Graph (formerly Network visualization) 11 years ago
  josdejong f26d3f1a98 moved some source files around 11 years ago
  josdejong 457fb98367 Implemented ordering for groups 11 years ago
  josdejong 997e2ccea5 Implemented option order in DataSet and DataView 11 years ago
  josdejong e6546fe4dc Fixed items not automatically being repainted on changed data 11 years ago
  josdejong a06814d7f1 Some more decoupling of components options 11 years ago
  josdejong fc11f82f45 GroupSet now reckons with changes in the connected DataSet with groups 11 years ago
  josdejong 751fbfb8a3 Simplified component relations in timeline 11 years ago
  josdejong 309564e367 Changed propagation of options in components to a prototype based solution 11 years ago
  josdejong 3905ea46a8 Created component Group 11 years ago
  josdejong 714a39ec03 Renamed some properties for more clarity 11 years ago
  josdejong ec0be4dc38 DataView correctly translates and propagates events, as seen from its own point of view. 11 years ago
  josdejong 2ebc747903 DataView and grouping in action 11 years ago
  josdejong 178b286568 Replaced all forEach with old-fashioned but wau faster for loops. 11 years ago
  josdejong a3e8bbd63e Improved getting items (casting and filtering). 11 years ago
  josdejong 74771c66dd Implemented DataView 11 years ago
  josdejong fb7cb8a10d Simplified subscription model 11 years ago
  josdejong b632151630 Made method add more strict: will not overwrite existing items. 11 years ago
  josdejong 8dd3fb3b58 Improved/clarified argument handling of DataSet.get 11 years ago
  josdejong dd8aa76b6c GroupSet now neatly handling chances in groups data 11 years ago
  josdejong 293e54a724 Fixed not cleaned up elements in timeaxis 11 years ago
  josdejong 8ac893855c Halfway implementation of groups 11 years ago
  josdejong c1be0b48b9 Implemented a remove method for the controller 11 years ago
  josdejong 0f86680971 Implemented methods show/hide for components 11 years ago
  josdejong 6468de61ea Old items are removed now when replacing the dataset of an itemset. 11 years ago
  josdejong 6c74b284b8 Implemented methods map, forEach, added filter option to method get 11 years ago
  josdejong 1dcd615626 Some fixes/improvements in calculating the height of the stacked items 11 years ago
  josdejong a28c3640e1 Added method distinct 11 years ago
  josdejong 1e492accfa Fixed code examples on the home page 11 years ago
  josdejong 807fe3b0af Updated home page 11 years ago
  josdejong 55fe278452 Released version 0.0.8 11 years ago
  josdejong e0aa8eec53 Added HTML data example 11 years ago
  josdejong f3d1a63f17 Added support for Moment in the DataSet. Neatened the examples. 11 years ago
  josdejong 58a6831619 Some obvious performance improvements 11 years ago
  josdejong 040e53b2ee Only visible items are rendered now 11 years ago
  josdejong 08b6ba904e Added an option to force a reflow/repaint instead of kindly request it 11 years ago
  josdejong 279f918b12 EventBus.off is more flexible now 11 years ago
  josdejong 00054668b4 Implemented a simple eventbus 11 years ago