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  josdejong fd4cf6907e Added documentation on DataSet and DataView 11 years ago
  josdejong 8643fdcc91 Renamed DataSet option fieldTypes to convert, and renamed util.cast to util.convert 11 years ago
  josdejong 6b7a305dc5 Manipulation methods of DataSet now return a list with the ids of the affected items. 11 years ago
  josdejong 559e4d4dca Improved casting of dates 11 years ago
  Eric Gillingham 0c5893568f Merge branch 'master' into develop 11 years ago
  josdejong af250beea8 Styling of the main menu updated 11 years ago
  josdejong fd9f2aacbd Fixed selection of nodes in the Graph when the page is scrolled down 11 years ago
  josdejong 620bc9e3cb Implemented grouping support in the Timeline 11 years ago
  josdejong b542d43d12 Improved hiding non visible items in Timeline 11 years ago
  josdejong d6b57b0e57 History updated 11 years ago
  josdejong 7ad93c9ff7 Graph is robust now against edges connected to non existing nodes 11 years ago
  josdejong e79d816b0e Fixes and improvements in DOT parser regarding subgraphs 11 years ago
  josdejong 7c3ed40536 Graph now uses an id based set of nodes and edges instead of a row based array internally, and supports DataSet 11 years ago
  josdejong 1703483bc2 Added drawing with schematic overview of vis.js 11 years ago
  Eric Gillingham 812dee30ac Change range content to overflow nicely if the range width is smaller 11 years ago
  josdejong 8af6c082c2 Added another screenshot on the dot language playground 11 years ago
  josdejong 37ea6eaa9e Implemented support for id:port in DOT parser 11 years ago
  josdejong 9e161ef381 Minor improvements in the DOT parser, better error handling 11 years ago
  josdejong b0dda31e6d Implemented subgraphs in the DOT parser 11 years ago
  josdejong d34b93d16f First steps in supporting subgraphs in DOT parser 11 years ago
  josdejong b3d2a1499a Implemented support for node sets in DOT parser 11 years ago
  josdejong 2a4877175d Added support in DOT parser for attributes with namespaces (like color.border=red) 11 years ago
  josdejong 44562dc205 DOT parser does now maintain order of nodes, is returned as an array instead of a map 11 years ago
  josdejong a16e8e7239 Minor style improvements 11 years ago
  josdejong a8356ebec4 Replaced logo 11 years ago
  josdejong 00981f16d1 Updated version number to 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT 11 years ago
  josdejong 2914715858 Index page updated 11 years ago
  josdejong db7cf5f85b Created gallery 11 years ago
  josdejong 49a00ceb5a Added docs and examples 11 years ago
  josdejong 41f2bcd76c Released version 0.0.9 11 years ago
  josdejong fc0cff10c2 Created some screenshots from examples 11 years ago
  josdejong 5dbd9f0135 Renamed options for dashed lines in Graph 11 years ago
  josdejong f1fc98035b Added and renamed some examples for Graph 11 years ago
  josdejong c1b7103618 Graph: renamed shape 'rect' to 'box', changed default shape to 'ellipse'. 11 years ago
  josdejong 6f9a1f566c Implemented ellipse shape in Graph 11 years ago
  josdejong d17266cead DOT parser didn't like `\r` characters 11 years ago
  josdejong dd4fbf972c Fixed a naming typo 11 years ago
  josdejong 73b5d8b3cd Removed border and background options for the frame (should be done using css) 11 years ago
  josdejong c099dcb9af Changed color options to an object with properties for border, background, and highlight color. 11 years ago
  josdejong 4e85624cce Added examples from Graphviz gallery 11 years ago
  josdejong 7f7e260e9e Renamed line style `arrow` to `arrow-center`, and `arrow-end` to `arrow`. 11 years ago
  josdejong 0922851d46 Some fixes in the DOT parser 11 years ago
  josdejong 4805f0e6d5 DOT parser rewritten 11 years ago
  josdejong e9240960dd Simplified example 11 years ago
  josdejong 3894f2d72c Added another Graph example 11 years ago
  josdejong bbb8e086c9 Renamed Graph property style to shape, and text to label 11 years ago
  josdejong ed26e58144 Implemented DOT support in Graph without need for a separate parse step. 11 years ago
  josdejong aaff768118 Created an index page for the documentation, added another example 11 years ago
  josdejong c92f5dd8b6 Added documentation for the Timeline 11 years ago
  josdejong 54696f86ce Added documentation for the Timeline 11 years ago