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  macleodbroad-wf 5563fc6168 Adds code-coverage badge, code coverage reports, and test-cov script … (#3626) 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz 0017167278 generated dist files for v4.21.0 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz 3a2cf847b0 generated dist files for v4.21.0 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz 45fbee6b1c generated dist files for v4.20.1 6 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik c7028b2e69 generated dist files for v4.20.0 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 89cc60dc3a generated dist files for v4.19.1 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik c18d8a18c0 generated dist files for v4.19.0 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 5143685702 generated dist files for v4.18.1 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 6b0db3a18c generated dist files for v4.18.0 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 8cd25fe36c do not ignore dist and test folders in master 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 1e2a5628a0 added badges from isitmaintained.com (#2517) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 9e0d232c2c added codeclimate badge 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 6bd5823494 added Badges 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 2d48632fa4 add 'dist' folder for deployment 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 8472fd68bc do not generate source-maps in distribution version 7 years ago
  The Gitter Badger 18de2e7f3e Add Gitter badge (#2179) 7 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz de5dbfa41e Merge pull request #1 from yotamberk/v4.21.0 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz be98231e3d Fix review comments 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz d828ad04a9 v4.21.0 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 683544c51f Network: Relax clustering condition for adding already clustered nodes to cluster (#3554) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 4a25c43e4c Network: Retain constraint values in label font handling (#3520) 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz 6afc095d63 On timeline loaded (#3530) 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz 3bc3d164df Drag object in to item (#3506) 6 years ago
  justinharrell aa320ae8ab Additional changes for #3500 (#3525) 6 years ago
  Graham J e4efee604f Allow disabling of RangeItem limitSize (#3050) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders ecdb59edd6 Network: Cleanup and refactoring PhysicsEngine (#3507) 6 years ago
  justinharrell 3581561f10 re-adds edges if they are now connected and add does not add invalid edges (#3516) 6 years ago
  Ian Oberst 2860d7313e Item Redraw Performance - Bug Fix (#3513) 6 years ago
  Ian Oberst 006b1625e9 - Fixing a bug with the timing of the final setting of the vertical scroll position (#3508) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 659f0e93ce Network: Add extra check on null value during label handling (#3511) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 4b489a1684 Added describe sections to PointItem unit tests (#3509) 6 years ago
  Ian Oberst 51a8977b3a Vertical focus (#3504) 6 years ago
  Ian Oberst 9218b01b29 Subgroup stacking (#3501) 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz fe49e7e1d1 Improve Item redraw and initial draw performance (#3475) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 409e4a355f Network detect clicks on labels (#3410) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 663e294e68 Network: Adjust documentation for arrows.middle.scaleFactor (#3488) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 9fa9b00fda Network: Prevent image loading for hidden cluster nodes (#3492) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 75e6263ac3 Network: Fix handling of multi-fonts (#3486) 6 years ago
  justinharrell 3cac6144be IE performance improvements #3425 (#3489) 6 years ago
  justinharrell 3125aae6c9 IE11 svg image fixes (#3477) 6 years ago
  Ondřej Hruška 1fd58cc847 Make negative scaleFactor reverse middle arrow correctly (#3474) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 9f7b1f90f0 Network: Fix handling of space before huge word in label text. (#3470) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 0f3789a150 Adjust for-in loops so they can deal with added properties in Array and Object prototypes (#3471) 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz f570fed5c1 Fix Group Performance (#3453) 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz 9830616875 Group redraw performance (#3409) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders b0481d3220 Strapping down of Extend-routines in util.js (#3442) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 091473a75e Add endpoint 'bar' to Network (#3444) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 1ec51911d9 Network: Fixes sorting on Layout, refactoring. (#3411) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 9957798822 The next fix on Travis unit test failure (#3431) 6 years ago
  wimrijnders 7157df08af Network: Consolidate code for generating endpoints (#3422) 6 years ago