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  Yotam Berkowitz be98231e3d Fix review comments 6 years ago
  Yotam Berkowitz d828ad04a9 v4.21.0 6 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 2678fd2395 added @macleodbroad-wf to the support team (#3402) 6 years ago
  yotamberk eec083ce9a Fix stacking when setting option (#3172) (#3201) 6 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 2eb4bbc2d9 Release checklist (#3084) 6 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 88d298da67 added make github release 6 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 26a249bd99 unchecked everything 6 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik b81dbcf16c created a checklist for the release process 6 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 6bffd4921a added documentation on how labels are used (#2873) 6 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 92088be21b added @wimrijnders to the support team (#2886) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik ee77164e4a added @bradh as member of the support team (#2801) 7 years ago
  Brad Hards efe251325a Trivial typo fix in how_to_help doc. (#2714) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik b39d9ed7c9 chore(docs): general improvements (#2652) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik fb8e81c574 Revert "Don't pass non-string values to Date.parse" (#2512) 7 years ago
  Jim O'Brien 9d76f9888b Don't pass non-string values to Date.parse (#2491) 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik a92c56c467 updated external dependencies; fixes #2243; 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 271c327212 improved how_to_publish.md 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik cad071e136 renamed some labels 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 66ab105d84 add two eyes review process 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik 832e963375 linked users to there profile 7 years ago
  Alexander Wunschik f5fe722f1f Managing help offers (#2178) 7 years ago
  jos 4b00d9cff6 Added we need help post-it 7 years ago
  jos d3bfca5c05 Bumped version number to v4.16.1-SNAPSHOT 7 years ago
  jos ecca6d8efb Removed version number from bower.json, it's not used by bower and can be found in package.json 8 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 111c9984bc updated publish guide 8 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 8c9c8652d3 updated publish manual 8 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 6c89cbdb0e Moved to 4.5.1--snapshot 8 years ago
  jos 5db59a91d7 Fixed #761: Timeline and Graph2d throwing an error when locale is not found. Gives a warning message instead. 9 years ago
  jos 91ff934502 Updated version number to 3.11.1-SNAPSHOT 9 years ago
  jos ae7d2004de Bumped version number to 3.10.1-SNAPSHOT 9 years ago
  jos edaa6cc33a Bumped version number to 3.6.3-SNAPSHOT 9 years ago
  jos 9906a074a0 Released version 3.6.2 9 years ago
  jos 89f24e2d9b Updated version number to 3.4.2-SNAPSHOT 9 years ago
  jos 0f14626db5 Updated version number to 3.1.0 9 years ago
  jos e913b4a7cb Released version 3.0.0 9 years ago
  jos 8e6bb738cb Released version 1.0.0 9 years ago
  jos 61217fe529 Updated version number to 0.7.4-SNAPSHOT 9 years ago
  josdejong de3342400c Updated version number to 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT 10 years ago
  josdejong 4e71b1a734 Updated version number to 0.5.0-SNAPSHOT 10 years ago
  josdejong e47c90ea27 Fixed some typos 10 years ago
  josdejong c5ccf48ae6 Fixed a typo 10 years ago
  josdejong d2fa4211f6 Added a description on how to publish 10 years ago