vis.js is a dynamic, browser-based visualization library
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  1. **Thank you for contributing to vis.js!!**
  2. Please make sure to check the following requirements before creating a pull request:
  3. * [ ] All pull requests must be to the [develop branch]( Pull requests to the `master` branch will be closed!
  4. * [ ] Make sure your changes are based on the latest version of the [develop branch]( (Use e.g. `git fetch && git rebase origin develop` to update your feature branch).
  5. * [ ] Provide an additional or update an example to demonstrate your changes or new features.
  6. * [ ] Update the documentation if you introduced new behavior or changed existing behavior.
  7. * [ ] Reference issue numbers of issues that your pull request addresses. (If you write something like `fixes #1781` in your git commit message this issue gets closed automatically by merging your pull request).
  8. * [ ] Expect review comments and change requests by reviewer.
  9. * [ ] Delete this checklist from your pull request.