RITlug's open-source governance documents.
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  1. Governance
  2. ==========
  3. The official governance documents for the RIT Linux Users Group. All
  4. work is open-source and suggestions to improve these documents are
  5. welcome.
  6. Don't be put off if you don't know LaTeX! These documents are not complicated
  7. and you can easily figure out what's going on from the source code. Here's
  8. a quick crash course for what you'll find here:
  9. ```
  10. \section{ $name } // Define a new section with the name $name.
  11. \subsection{ $name } // Define a new subsection with the name $name
  12. \begin{subroutines} // Start a new list of items in the section
  13. \item item text // create an item in the section
  14. \end{subroutines} // end the list
  15. ```
  16. There you go! That's all you'll need to contribute. Make sure to also take
  17. a look at the compiling and requirements sections.
  18. All changes to the constitution are required to be submitted to the clubs
  19. office for approval, so actual acceptance of changes may lag a bit. When
  20. new versions of these policies are accepted, they should be printed and
  21. the hard copies in the club binder should be updated.
  22. Requirements
  23. -----------
  24. * texlive-core
  25. * texlive-latexextra
  26. (these are likely available in your package manager, but may be under
  27. different names). You may wish to install additional packages if you
  28. prefer to edit LaTeX in a specialized editor.
  29. Compiling
  30. -----------
  31. These documents are maintained in LaTeX and must be compiled. LaTeX supports
  32. compiling to a variety of formats. In RITlug, we most often need these
  33. documents in PDF format.
  34. Once you have the requirements installed, you can build the policies by
  35. running
  36. `make`
  37. You should then have a governance.zip file, which will contain the PDFs for
  38. the policies.
  39. License
  40. -----------
  41. All documents in this repository are licensed under the
  42. [CC0 1.0 Universal License](https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/)
  43. and are released into the public domain.