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  jrtechs abd3f389d7 Fixed IO bug and created docker-compose script for project 3 years ago
  jrtechs ea5b2d129c Fixed error where docker container was missing gifski dependency for creating gifs 3 years ago
  jrtechs 828b7b15e5 Created docker file for project 3 years ago
  Jeffery Russell 91e4e6afde
Merge pull request #17 from pedromcunha/master 3 years ago
  Pedro Lucas Da Silva Cunha f360aad9ae Migrate primitive config values to env variables 3 years ago
  jrtechs 4219e045b0 added download button to watch page 4 years ago
  jrtechs 0afa635d37 fixed small typo 4 years ago
  jrtechs e229678727 Updated site with Jrtechs favicon (closes #12) 5 years ago
  jrtechs 47387c94cb Created a systemd script to launch the program. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 2ef2a876de Updated the dependencies section to reflect the new icon generation package that I am using. 5 years ago
  jrtechs fe23fd81a6 Fixed bug with empty folders. 5 years ago
  Jeffery Russell 803e5b0ad7
Merge pull request #10 from jrtechs/aboutPage 5 years ago
  jrtechs 9665ef14b5 Fixed bug with finding out if a video is public or private and changed the way which icons are generated to be a more supported plugin which outputs GIFs. 5 years ago
  Jeffery Russell 1377d24de3
Create CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md 5 years ago
  Jeffery Russell 6329798d44
Create LICENSE 5 years ago
  Jeffery Russell e00d9360a1
Merge pull request #9 from jrtechs/aboutPage 5 years ago
  jrtechs a424e0e50e Added a run script, updated the config for generic parameters updated the readme and configured the package.json file. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 74b4a02c66 Updated the header and footer of the website along with added informational content to the home page of the website. 5 years ago
  Jeffery Russell 0aac33d000
Merge pull request #8 from jrtechs/systemControls 5 years ago
  jrtechs 18f8a562c0 Updated system page to display basic information on how many videos and users are in the system. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 15d4f919e3 Implemented the indexing functionality for videos and icons. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 93f645dfad Implemented mechanism for setting the url, and video directories for the system. 5 years ago
  Jeffery Russell ffe0290bad
Merge pull request #7 from jrtechs/publicSection 5 years ago
  jrtechs 8984782b96 Updated file preview to take the video preview 5 minutes into to movie to prevent blank icons. Minor bug fixes. 5 years ago
  jrtechs d52f0696e5 Updated videos to work with public and private sets. 5 years ago
  jrtechs fa582405fa Updated videos page to display public videos to un-registered users. 5 years ago
  Jeffery Russell 32ac8b4e96
Merge pull request #6 from jrtechs/betterVideosSection 5 years ago
  jrtechs a30c73c5df Updated the videos page to display like a image gallery. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 580661951f Fixed videos, watch and icons to work with express routes. 5 years ago
  jrtechs e5e52341ca Updated conf to have a generic user account for people wishing to test it. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 1658127b68 Got all the user routes to work. 5 years ago
  jrtechs ead85a4f7a A ton of work on refactoring the code to be more modular and use routes. 5 years ago
  Jeffery Russell 2314f8c836 Started implementing the system with express routes. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 619c69e227 Updated table to display icons of videos. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 11c8b88567 Implemented a file icon system for the server. 5 years ago
  jrtechs e58d89b0f1 Updated view to give a link which is escaped so you can paste it in locations which are not web browsers. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 230306717a Added functionality to view a video by using the user's api key. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 10bd53ffd2 Revoke api key functionality added. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 9600d4bc4a Updated site so non-admin users can edit their own profiles. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 0d1f384079 Updated system to keep track of administrator privileges and api keys for users. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 5adecca31b Updated system to recursively read subdirectories to find files. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 42e5fa9480 Implemented base functionality of this using a hard coded base folder. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 8003cc69bb Implemented basic functionality for viewing a movie by viewing it in a table and getting a link to it via a get parameter. 5 years ago
  jrtechs 81f4a5e5a5 Added logout functionality. 5 years ago
  jrtechs edeb000c02 Implemented basic user manipulation functionality. 5 years ago
  jrtechs d99baac6da Created basic functionality for sending videos to the client after they have logged in. 5 years ago
  jrtechs ae95297062 Got a basic web page working with a login screen. 5 years ago
  jrtechs d75ee93184 Started project by creating simple user functionality methods and set up node dependencies. 5 years ago
  jrtechs f3b26444f0 Initial commit 5 years ago