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  jrtechs 135a9a5950 Created docker compose script to run application locally on port 8080 9 months ago
  Jeffery Russell 964951cf90
Merge pull request #8 from jrtechs/add-license-1 2 years ago
  Jeffery Russell b2e9294983
Create LICENSE 2 years ago
  Jeffery Russell 247ad32ede
Merge pull request #6 from DokkarRachidReda/master 2 years ago
  Jeffery Russell a555c841cf
Merge pull request #7 from VasilisG/patch-1 2 years ago
  Dokkar Rachid Reda 9aa60485bf
Add files via upload 2 years ago
  Vasilis G 43f2652c70
Updated to place the right color. 2 years ago
  Jeffery Russell 73f19bf930
Merge pull request #5 from mobeenabdullah/master 2 years ago
  Vasilis G 7d620cde21
Fixed repo badge for chat in gitter. 2 years ago
  Mobeen Abdullah 682ec81ea2 Added initial README.md file. 2 years ago
  jrtechs 07bd68c6ec Refactored syntax style of project 3 years ago
  Jeffery R c10bdfe23c
Merge pull request #1 from 17mgeffert/master 3 years ago
  Michael f51a77368c added comments 3 years ago
  jrtechs e8863c1b57 Fixed shoot code 4 years ago
  jrtechs 5c8f1b93ab Created bullet class 4 years ago
  jrtechs b44c8c3b2c added angular movement to astroid 4 years ago
  jrtechs d7014a0f19 Started astroids 4 years ago
  jrtechs 56ea44052a Fixed embedded git repro 4 years ago
  jrtechs 854efd60b3 Created about.php 4 years ago
  jrtechs c55850e20e Added Zombie Panda to the high score system 4 years ago
  jrtechs cd368ee790 Finished high score system for bamboo field 4 years ago
  jrtechs 283c5c4082 Work on high score 4 years ago
  jrtechs 60b6b2cc5b Started to work on high score system 4 years ago
  jrtechs a74f2e3561 Added zombies to the header menu and created games.php 4 years ago
  jrtechs 7d1fab2f1b added zombie game to games folder 4 years ago
  jrtechs b5768bd866 Prevented the particles from going off screen 4 years ago
  jrtechs 7495189694 Update to collision code 4 years ago
  jrtechs d1a8821219 Initial commit 4 years ago