[MOVED TO GITLAB] Please visit new location: https://gitlab.com/RITlug/TigerOS

Updated 5 hours ago

A build-you-own toy app for the Shalom Street Museum

Updated 5 hours ago

Official website for Free and Open Source Software @ RIT MAGIC Center and FOSS academia

Updated 2 days ago

Personal blog written from scratch using Node.js, Bootstrap, and MySQL.

Updated 1 week ago

Website for visualizing a persons github network.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Documentation and information about the Free and Open Source community at RIT, facilitated by RIT MAGIC Center

Updated 1 month ago

Set of scripts, Ansible playbooks/roles, and other tools to automate and manage FOSS@MAGIC infrastructure

Updated 2 months ago

Personal portfolio website created with bootstrap.

Updated 5 months ago

Python scripts I use to manage my ssh connections, drive mounts, and other bash related things.

Updated 6 months ago

Personal intranet/start page where I can view the weather, links, fitbit data, and the news.

Updated 7 months ago

Graph database Analysis of the Steam Network

Updated 9 months ago

Lightweight node app to use in place of plex to self host your video and movie collections. Running on just under 50MB of ram this is ideal for people looking to host videos on minimal hardware.

Updated 9 months ago

Simple website with some JavaScript games.

Updated 11 months ago

A repo for learning distributed revision control

Updated 11 months ago

Go implementation of a Telegram <=> IRC bridge for use with any IRC channel and Telegram group

Updated 11 months ago

A lightweight, shallow-clone fork of Sugarizer stripped of the two largest activities

Updated 11 months ago

RITlug website

Updated 1 year ago

Interactive directory of FOSS@RIT community members generated from YAML profiles and built with Jekyll

Updated 1 year ago

List of current RITlug members

Updated 1 year ago

Quick reference repo sharing content for learning LaTeX and templates that I frequently use.

Updated 1 year ago