vis.js is a dynamic, browser-based visualization library
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Alex de Mulder b8d5d4629b added fit() and getItemRange() 10 years ago
css Updated documentation 10 years ago
img Updated vis overview image 10 years ago
lib/prettify Added documentation for the Timeline 11 years ago
dataset.html added few examples, added gephi parser (JSON), added JSON get for dataset 10 years ago
dataview.html Fixed `DataView` not working in Timeline (see #195) 10 years ago
graph2d.html added fit() and getItemRange() 10 years ago
graph3d.html Described the used technologies for each of the visualizations 10 years ago
index.html refactor: graph --> network 10 years ago
network.html added docs for gephi import, expanded example. 10 years ago
timeline.html Fixed #219: implemented function `getVisibleItems` 10 years ago