vis.js is a dynamic, browser-based visualization library
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Alex de Mulder 1d2488b582 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop 8 years ago
graph3d Updated history 9 years ago
module - Dropped support for Google DataTable. 9 years ago
network - Improved the hierarchical layout algorithm by adding a condensing method to remove whitespace. 8 years ago
shared - Fixed upscaling when the window size increases. 8 years ago
timeline Fixed #1017: Allow overriding of the minWidth of bars while zooming out. Fix the variable month width bug. Update documentation to better describe the current behavior. 8 years ago
DOMutil.js - Fixed #1461: Reset order of SVG elements in legend icons. 8 years ago
DataSet.js Added space to console warning 8 years ago
DataView.js Introducing a zindex option to control the svg render order. 8 years ago
Queue.js Implemented DataSet.setOptions 9 years ago
hammerUtil.js Updated test file 9 years ago
header.js Released version 4.12.0 8 years ago
util.js - Added #1138, enable the user to define the color of the shadows for nodes and edges. 8 years ago