vis.js is a dynamic, browser-based visualization library
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We need help!

The current status

Vis.js is looking for people who can help maintain and improve the library. We've put a lot of effort in building these visualizations, fixing bugs, and supporting users as much as we can. For some time now, we’ve been lacking the manpower to maintain the library the way we have in recent years. @josdejong has left the company for a new opportunity, and @AlexDM0 has moved internally to a daughter company, with severe impact on his time and availability for Vis.js. At the moment @ludost is the official maintainer from Almende, but does not have much time to help out.

Although Almende is looking to replace the expertise required for Vis.js, we don't expect to be able to do comprehensive project management any time soon. At the same time we’d like to spare Vis.js from becoming abandonware, especially given the relative healthy user base. For the longer term future we would be happy if vis.js could stand on its own feet, community supported.

If you want to support the project please just start by helping out.

If you have shown some commitment to the project you can ask @ludost to become a member of the community support team. This team has write permissions to the repository and is helping maintaining it. Currently this team consists of: