vis.js is a dynamic, browser-based visualization library
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Release Checklist


Update to the newest version

Build & Test


(THIS IS A LOT OF WORK! WE SHOULD TRY TO automate this in the future!!)

  • Keep the order of the commits. Older commits are lower newers are higher.
  • Bug-Fixes start with FIX #issue:
  • New Features start with FEAT #issue:
  • Refactors start with REFA #PR:
  • Additional work start with Added #PR:


Update Master

We don't merge the development branch to the master because the master branch is different to the develop-Branch. The master branch has a dist and test folder and does not generate Source-Maps.

If we would merge the development branch would overwrite this. To solve this we use rebase instead:


Update website

Prepare next version