153 Commits (f6a96602399967b0a3652afc9cbcbea02a2ce689)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  jos 734a0d5849 Updated version number to 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT 10 years ago
  jos e913b4a7cb Released version 3.0.0 10 years ago
  jos 4873c8aba4 Fixed `DataView` not working in Timeline (see #195) 10 years ago
  jos b12511f302 Fixed #186: ranges in the Timeline sometimes overlapping when dragging the Timeline 10 years ago
  jos ee7f8ff7c3 Renamed option `dragGraph` to `dragNetwork` 10 years ago
  jos a5dd92d349 Refactored more code from `graph` to `network` 10 years ago
  jos 544a2d2c24 Updated history 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 82fc808d5c experiment with new hierarchical solver 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 17a6f6bb74 fixed multiline labels per #184 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 00533990db updated dist with fix for #181, updated history. 10 years ago
  jos d78a823d4e Removed the 'rangeoverflow' item type 10 years ago
  jos 468e613a26 Fixed #172: auto detected item type being preferred over the global item `type`. 10 years ago
  jos 3bb867890f Throws an error when constructing without new keyword. 10 years ago
  jos c3f8b1f168 Timeline.destroy works 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 870da13503 updated history 10 years ago
  jos b4945faedd Renamed DataSet option `convert` to `type`. 10 years ago
  jos 5a8e6ddbbe Fixed #167: property `className` of groups not being applied to related contents and background elements, and not being updated once applied. 10 years ago
  jos 0420c72b60 Implemented support for vertical dragging (needs some refinement) 10 years ago
  jos 8ef8a1e0b2 Implemented options `zoomable` and `moveable` 10 years ago
  jos f672f7b583 Reworked options and setOptions 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder f998388c84 minor bugfixes for git issues #157 #158 #159 10 years ago
  jos 342fab1f80 Released version 1.1.0 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 89bec93553 updated History 10 years ago
  jos 157c8a9f34 Renamed Timeline.repaint() to Timeline.redraw() for consistency with the other visualizations 10 years ago
  jos e6cd80ad6f Updated examples a little 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 59195f9d3c tiny refactor and updated history for graph3d 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 23239912f7 added hover events 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 6ef3cdb582 added hover styles and options 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 85b062cbc5 Added focusOnNode function #139 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 52a6961d01 graph: fixed bug with empty nodeset hierarchical layout #145 10 years ago
  jos 11ec14bace Fixed `Timeline.clear()` not resetting a configured `options.start` and `options.end` 10 years ago
  jos 3f9e28efc1 Bumped version number to 1.0.3-SNAPSHOT 10 years ago
  jos 1893cd7b6b Released version 1.0.2 10 years ago
  jos 94741fbd51 Implemented a method `clear([what])`, to clear items, groups, and configuration of a Timeline instance. 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 9638a346a8 refactored _canvasToX to _XconvertDOMtoCanvas and _xToCanvas to _XconvertCanvasToDOM (same for y) 10 years ago
  jos cf48b7d7ca Fixed #86: A newly created item is now initialized with `end` property when option `type` 10 years ago
  jos 84f58cef34 Fixed #116 and #138: bug when rendering the Timeline inside a hidden container. 10 years ago
  jos c0614edb84 Added function `repaint()` to force a repaint of the Timeline. 10 years ago
  jos 8ffacecd38 Implemented option `minHeight`, similar to option `maxHeight`. (See #132) 10 years ago
  jos 960e10471b Made the instance of moment.js packaged with vis.js accessibly via `vis.moment`. 10 years ago
  jos 3d7618baf0 Fixed #141: a bug in replacing the DataSet of groups via `Timeline.setGroups(groups)` 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 904e7cfb0d added zoomable and moveable 10 years ago
  jos 36ff1f5b64 Some tweaks in snapping dragged items to nice dates. 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder abea9085a5 restored setOptions, removed reset of view. 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 536c2220df added option to setOptions to avoid resetting view. 10 years ago
  jos b7a84f6c10 Released version 1.0.1 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 64a3f36924 added events viewChanged and zoom. 10 years ago
  Alex de Mulder 027d22d439 updated history 10 years ago
  jos 54dcb0268e Fixed #122: a bug wrongly rendering invisible items after updating them. 10 years ago
  jos eceb1b0ea4 Fixed #121: Bug in width of items with type `rangeoverflow` 10 years ago