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chore(docs): Add note that PRs should be submitted against the `develop` branch (#2623)

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Robin Schneider 7 years ago
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@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ If you have any *general question* on how to use the vis.js library in your own
If you really want to open a new issue:
* Please use the [search functionality](// to make sure that there is not already an issue concerning the same topic.
* Please make sure to **mention which module** of vis.js (network, timeline, graph3d, ...) your are referring to.
* Note that development happens on the `develop` git branch. Be sure to submit PRs against this branch.
* If you think you found a bug please **provide a simple example** (e.g. on [jsbin]( that demonstrates the problem.
* If you want to propose a feature-request please **describe what you are looking for in detail**, ideally providing a screenshot, drawing or something similar.
* **Close the issue later**, when the issue is no longer needed.