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added destroy to examples, improved destroy in network (last commit wrongly labeled) updated history

Alex de Mulder 9 years ago
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- Fixed flipping of hierarchical network on update when using RL and DU.
- Added zoomExtentOnStabilize option to network.
- Improved destroy function, added them to the examples.
- Nodes now have bounding boxes that are used for zoomExtent.
- Made physics more stable (albeit a little slower).
- Made global color options for edges overrule the inheritColors.
### Graph2d
- Fixed round-off errors of zero on the y-axis.
- added show major/minor lines options to dataAxis.
- Fixed adapting to width and height changes.
### Timeline
- Support for custom date formatting of the labels on the time axis.
- added show major/minor lines options to timeline.
### Graph3d
- Fixed mouse coordinates for tooltips.
## 2014-12-09, version 3.7.2