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Eliminate possibility of 'window is undefined' during travis test (#3406)

A recurring problem during travis tests is that global variable `window` can get reset while `Network` tests using a mock canvas object are running.
This issue has been adressed several times, but it still happens. This PR reduces the possibility of it happening again to a minimum.

PR's affected by this issue should be merged with this fix and re-submitted. At time of writing, these are:
- #3402
- #3405
- #3399

Chances are it will occur sporadically for other PR's as well.
Labelling this `High Priority` because it indrectly affects unrelated PR's.
wimrijnders 6 years ago
committed by Yotam Berkowitz
1 changed files with 7 additions and 4 deletions
  1. +7

+ 7
- 4
lib/network/modules/CanvasRenderer.js View File

@ -149,17 +149,20 @@ class CanvasRenderer {
// This is not something that will happen in normal operation, but we still need
// to take it into account.
if (window === undefined) return;
var myWindow = window; // Grab a reference to reduce the possibility that 'window' is reset
// while running this method.
if (myWindow === undefined) return;
let timer;
if (this.requiresTimeout === true) {
// wait given number of milliseconds and perform the animation step function
timer = window.setTimeout(callback, delay);
timer = myWindow.setTimeout(callback, delay);
else {
if (window.requestAnimationFrame) {
timer = window.requestAnimationFrame(callback);
if (myWindow.requestAnimationFrame) {
timer = myWindow.requestAnimationFrame(callback);