Repository where I mostly put random python scripts.
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jrtechs f5ae872fa5 Added parallel java notebook to repo 3 months ago
8-bit added open-cv 8 bit art notebook 5 months ago
burnout burnout notebook 6 months ago
fitbit Started sleep stuff 8 months ago
k-means fixed extension 6 months ago
node_2_vec Added node2vec notebook with steam data 4 months ago
steam added steam notebook to repo 4 months ago
word-embeddings added updated version of embeddings notebook 5 months ago
word-embeddings-part2 finished embeddings-2 post 5 months ago
cuda-vs-cpu.ipynb added cuda vs cpu notebook 4 months ago
parallel-java.ipynb Added parallel java notebook to repo 3 months ago
pytorch-headfirst.ipynb added pytorch tutorial notebook used for blog post 5 months ago