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Merge pull request #16 from RITlug/henry-profile 8 months ago
  hkeena98 d5f34108f4 Henry Added His Profile 8 months ago
  Tim Zabel a181e68be6
Merge pull request #14 from password-is-already-taken/test 1 year ago
  Jeffery Russell 4a8625ee98
Merge pull request #10 from mav8557/coolbranch 1 year ago
  Jeffery Russell a4f6c22b6d
Merge pull request #13 from jtt9340/master 1 year ago
  password-is-already-taken 3dcb12839d hello 1 year ago
  jtt9340 50ea7c8916
Added profile 1 year ago
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Merge pull request #9 from PrototypeXenon/master 1 year ago
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Merge pull request #11 from skylerfox572/master 1 year ago
  Jeffery Russell 37ba207018
Merge pull request #12 from raj8335rit/master 1 year ago
  jaski d0314c0a02 Ryan's profile to be added 1 year ago
  Jeffery Russell 53d18b18c7
Merge pull request #8 from Nitepone/master 1 year ago
  Jeffery Russell 9018bfec90
Merge pull request #2 from tuankiet65/student/tuankiet65 1 year ago
  skylerfox572 7ff20c0a20
Create skylerfox572.yaml 1 year ago
  Michael Vaughan 541985c3c0 cool 1 year ago
  Jeffery Russell 5fb6573c9c
Merge pull request #6 from theGinger34/master 1 year ago
  Nitepone 9ac03187a4 Tyler Hart profile added 1 year ago
  Jeffery Russell e7416a2e2f
Merge pull request #1 from WillNilges/will-profile 1 year ago
  Tim Zabel 665ba594ba
Merge pull request #7 from 10eMyrT/kevinAssogba 1 year ago
  10eMyrT dd9c694f94 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/RITlug/ritlug-profiles into kevinAssogba 1 year ago
  Jeffery Russell b12c0d72e6
Merge pull request #5 from bitoffdev/feature/elliot 1 year ago
  Jeffery Russell acf7d4847f
Merge pull request #4 from jzaia18/master 1 year ago
  Campbell Schweickhardt 50ad340de2
Create campbell 1 year ago
  Konnor Klercke 38c9e336af Add konnorklercke.yaml 1 year ago
  Jeffery Russell a00575c54c
Merge pull request #3 from bens545/benshaner 1 year ago
  10eMyrT 9fd41f1223 Kevin Assogba profile 1 year ago
  Elliot Miller ad2b60bdb3 Add profile for Elliot Miller 1 year ago
  Ho Tuan Kiet 517b351eb0 Add tuankiet65.yaml 1 year ago
  Jake Zaia e8665e4e20 Add profile jzaia18 1 year ago
  Ben Shaner 74d00c9675 Added bens545 1 year ago
  Will Nilges 8db73566df Add my profile to directory 1 year ago
  Tim Zabel a939e3fef9
Fix tjzabel sourcehut link. 1 year ago
  Tim Zabel e603cb6b23
Create alum, faculty, and student profiles. 1 year ago
  Tim Zabel 61fa8faa9e
Rename example to proper username. 1 year ago
  Tim Zabel 7ad74d0260
Add profile template. 1 year ago
  Tim Zabel 2b6e0f6a6f
Initial commit 1 year ago