355 Commits (72e78166c8962cbe7bd47fc5d4b752ae48fcf3fb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tim Zabel 72e78166c8
Remove repkg packages from base install. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel f17027c4d2
Update to Fedora 28. 3 years ago
  Christian Martin 80361ec129
Merge pull request #136 from RITlug/readme-leadership-update 3 years ago
  Aidan Kahrs 70643d6cb3
Give credit to all contributors 3 years ago
  Aidan Kahrs 3ea87bc384
Update roles to reflect leadership change 3 years ago
  CTMartin 197b38bec1 Update mirrors URL 3 years ago
  CTMartin a8691aeb3c Point make-iso.sh to the proper kickstart location 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 8aaaf95f70
Remove 12h format from kickstart. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 0cf60a6c05
Change file permissions. 3 years ago
  Christian Martin 0c676ee7ae
Point make-iso.sh to mirrors.ritlug.com 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 70171e5e1c
moved arc-dark package into tigeros-ui-tweaks repo. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 55af9a21af
Add arc-theme package. 3 years ago
  axk4545 5513e03719 add createrepo_c package 3 years ago
  Regina Locicero 5e09742591 Added new dark wallpaper and fixed centering on all wallpapers (#125) 3 years ago
  axk4545 30f691a849 update README 3 years ago
  axk4545 803649fa67 add new playbooks, remove old scripts 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel b1c3915171
Added FIXME comment for gsettings command not working. 3 years ago
  Aidan Kahrs 3ee805b35f
Update tigeros.ks 3 years ago
  Aidan Kahrs f1ea5ac999
Update CONTRIBUTING.md 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel f3989b16e1
Add before/after photos. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel f5eac23649
Merge pull request #116 from RITlug/image-fix 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel e6f22906c2
Updated screenshots with GNOME DE. 3 years ago
  Aidan Kahrs 631bbbc36b add missing stuff to playbook 3 years ago
  Maxwell Leisner 733ab02cf4 Vagrant file (#107) 3 years ago
  Aidan Kahrs e74ff5d1fa
add new changes 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 5c49c67143
Fixed spacing. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel b70726d589
Updated to match current Fedora version. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 9d572b1235
changed spacing format. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel b7e343058c
Updated build files to f27 and changed file perms. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 5ffb801ef4
Added UI tweaks into tigeros repo 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 50a81b09da
Add UI Tweaks package into kickstart 3 years ago
  Christian Martin f4df2f0417
Merge pull request #101 from CoffeeFrame/devel 3 years ago
  Maxwell Leisner 94b761a776 all the changes 3 years ago
  Aidan Kahrs c2e7551509 remove unneeded tito stuff 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 32b36a8e47
Merge branch 'devel' of github.com:RITlug/TigerOS into devel 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 297a48959b
Updated baseurl for tigeros package mirror. 3 years ago
  axk4545 687ae0d9e4 Merge branch 'devel' of github.com:RITlug/TigerOS into devel 3 years ago
  axk4545 e8bf3b0cd4 cleanup after move 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel bcda99f510
Changed default clock to 12h format. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 7b7d7d1b29 Added link to editorconfig. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 7348a6ae8c
Updated main focus of Authors. 3 years ago
  axk4545 0732cc4c7f get rid of subdir to make tito happy 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel a0f50a35d5
Merge pull request #97 from Josh1147582/devel 3 years ago
  Josh Bicking 1d3e12551a move jflap package to repackages directory 3 years ago
  Josh Bicking a4688ba444 add JFLAP package sources, remove script 3 years ago
  Christian Martin e0c6f57991
Fixes #86 3 years ago
  axk4545 f5a6d333ac restructure sources to support tito 3 years ago
  axk4545 82f4cd40ee Initialized to use tito. 3 years ago
  Christian Martin 3d1d25e286
Merge pull request #95 from ReginaTL/devel 3 years ago
  ReginaTL 9c0464b90e Centered wallpapers and exported to jpg 3 years ago