26 Commits (devel)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tim Zabel 72e78166c8
Remove repkg packages from base install. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel f17027c4d2
Update to Fedora 28. 3 years ago
  CTMartin a8691aeb3c Point make-iso.sh to the proper kickstart location 3 years ago
  Christian Martin 0c676ee7ae
Point make-iso.sh to mirrors.ritlug.com 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel 5c49c67143
Fixed spacing. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel b70726d589
Updated to match current Fedora version. 3 years ago
  Tim Zabel b7e343058c
Updated build files to f27 and changed file perms. 3 years ago
  Maxwell Leisner 94b761a776 all the changes 3 years ago
  Christian Martin 25514e1e2a --efi isn't a flag (#61) 4 years ago
  axk4545 974df8f909 add --efi to LMC command to support UEFI 4 years ago
  Christian Martin 1c4f113a69 Fix ks folder (from restructure), remove --project hack 4 years ago
  axk4545 26a54d26d5 add --old-chroot option, pull in installclass 4 years ago
  axk4545 d45c2a53fa update dirs again 4 years ago
  Christian Martin 7679fcad05 Fix ISO building 4 years ago
  Corey Sheldon a42e5ccf45 Update to 26 4 years ago
  axk4545 733596d9e6 reenable mock 4 years ago
  coffeeframe 4eaad66585 fixed the frame spacing 4 years ago
  axk4545 acdab3f18c add instructions to make-iso and add status to ci-build 4 years ago
  axk4545 c176233616 add selinux and sudo check 4 years ago
  axk4545 9d89ed24ad update to exclude mock stuff 4 years ago
  axk4545 39b48292d4 update ks and builder script to accomodate new scripts 4 years ago
  Aidan Kahrs b94e974ad6 add proper deps for build? 4 years ago
  Aidan Kahrs fc3b6eab42 add destination to copyin on line 16 4 years ago
  Aidan Kahrs f9e8a668f0 remove useless option check 4 years ago
  abkahrs bbd41cd311 added iso creation script and update readme 4 years ago