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📝 docs: Add explainer on how to upgrade Matterbridge (#61)

I haven't documented what this process is and it is an essential part of
RIT FOSS infrastructure. This attempts to explain the upgrade process
for Matterbridge as I have been doing it for the last year.

Signed-off-by: Justin W. Flory <>
Justin W. Flory 2 years ago
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= How to upgrade the FOSSRIT Matterbridge
This document explains how to upgrade the Matterbridge bot to a new upstream release.
== Required files
Matterbridge upgrades are managed via variables in the `matterbridge` role:
* `roles/matterbridge/vars/main.yml`
== Update version and checksum
The relevant variables are below:
binary_checksum: "f030cae539278c8e3cf6d73d69ed8a11885aec83c73ebf6c2bd7123f14cea974"
version: 1.16.2
* `binary_checksum`: Checksum value[provided in upstream releases]
* `version`: String of version number; should NOT include a `v` character
Update the version and checksum to the values for the new release.
== Run playbook
Re-run any playbook using the Matterbridge role.
Matterbridge will be upgraded in the next playbook run.
Example command:
ansible-playbook -K -t matterbridge playbooks/irc-lug.yml