Submission for National Day of Civic Hacking EPA Challenges
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This is a project started by a few FOSS@RIT hackers in Rochester, NY for the
first-ever National Day of Civic Hacking. We hope to expose publicly-available
UV index data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency to create an
attractive, interesting interface to this data.

Front Page

The front page is a simple 3 column view that gives a quick description,
provides a form for inputting your Zipcode, and links to the project source and

.. image:: /epauv/static/images/zipform.png
:height: 100px
:width: 200 px
:align: center

Desktop View

This is a screenshot of what the results look like from a desktop view. The
index shown at the top is calculated by checking the time the page was visited
against the hourly index. The colors are mapped to the severity levels listed
on the EPA informational website.

.. image:: /epauv/static/images/result-desktop.png
:height: 100px
:width: 200 px
:align: center

Mobile View

As the page was designed using Unresponsive CSS, we get a fluid page that
scales with the size of the viewport (aka we get mobile friendly pages without
having to write separate code just for mobile devices.)

.. image:: /epauv/static/images/result-mobile.png
:height: 100px
:width: 200 px
:align: center

Hourly Results

Hourly results for the day are colored based on UV Index severity, and include
tips and advice based on EPA information, such as time until skin damage, and
precautions to take based on UV Levels.

.. image:: /epauv/static/images/result-list.png
:height: 100px
:width: 200 px
:align: center


This software is released under the GNU GPL version 3 or later.

Getting Started

We hack on this project in a virtualenv, and you should, too!

EPAUV requires that you have the ``python-lxml`` package installed.
This is used by pygal to generate coolio SVG diagrams.

- cd <directory containing this file>

- $venv/bin/python develop

- $venv/bin/initialize_EPAUV_db development.ini

- $venv/bin/pserve development.ini


- Nate Case

- Remy DeCausemaker

- David Gay