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<h1>Selected and Preliminary List of Designers, Entrepreneurs and Inventors</h1>
<p>The following list is extensive but by no means comprehensive. It currently covers a period from 1800 to the present, and primarily European and US companies. There are many others who have been post-founding presidents or corporate officers, many of whom made key contributions, that are currently not listed. In some cases the people named served multiple roles in the industry throughout their careers, and could have been listed under more than one heading. Many of them have more toys and/or games beyond those listed here. As this resource grows in the breadth and depth of its content and its technical sophistication, we’ll be able to do greater justice to more people and their achievements.
<br>All that said, this should serve as an initial indicator of the impact Jewish designers, entrepreneurs and inventors have had on the play industries since the 1800's.</p>
<h2>People, Toys, and Companies</h2>
<h3>Toy and Game Companies</h3>
<li>Big Monster Toys, Jeffrey Breslow, Co-Founder</li>
<li>Cardinal Industries, Leslie Berger, Founder</li>
<li>Coleco, Maurice and Arnold Greenberg, Founders</li>
<li>Creative Playthings, Frank and Theresa Caplan, Founders</li>
<li>Distler, Johaan Distler, Founder</li>
<li>Doll & Co, Peter Doll, Co-Founder</li>
<li>E.S. Lowe Company, Edwin S. Lowe, Founder</li>
<li>Fred Kroll and Associates, Fred Kroll, Founder</li>
<li>Funanuf, Toy Vision Industries, David Fuhrer, Founder</li>
<li>Funrise Toys, Arnie Rubin, Founder</li>
<li>Funtactix, Yaron Liefenberg, Founder</li>
<li>Gebrüder Bing, Ignaz and Adolf Bing, Founders</li>
<li>Hassenfeld Brothers, Henry, Herman and Halel Hassenfeld, Founders</li>
<li>Ideal, Morris and Rose Michtom, Founders</li>
<li>iStar Entertainment, Joel Rosenzwieg and Marty Abrams</li>
<li>Jakks Pacific, Jack Friedman, Founder (founded LJN and THQ)</li>
<li>J.W. Spear/J.W. Spear and Sons, Jakob Wolf Spier, Founder</li>
<li>Kenner, Joseph, Philip, Albert, and Robert Steiner, Founders</li>
<li>K’Nex, Joel Glickman, Founder</li>
<li>Kohner Brothers, Paul and Frank Kohner, Founders</li>
<li>Lewin Minkowski and Son, Lewin Minkowski, Founder</li>
<li>L.I. Cohen, Lewis i Cohen</li>
<li>Lionel, Joshua Lionel Cowan, Founder</li>
<li>Louis Marx Toys, Louis Marx, Founder</li>
<li>Madame Alexander Dolls, Bertha Alexander, Founder</li>
<li>Mattel, Elliott and Ruth Handler, Co-Founders</li>
<li>Marvin Glass and Associates, Marvin Glass, Founder</li>
<li>Max Moskowitz, Max Moscowitz, Founder</li>
<li>Mettoy, Philip Ullmann and Arthur Katz, Founders</li>
<li>MGA Entertainment, Issac Larian, Founder</li>
<li>Moko Toys, Moses Kohstram, Founder</li>
<li>NexToy, David Fuhrer, Founder</li>
<li>PlayWOW, Michael Greeberg, Founder</li>
<li>Pressman Toys, Jack and Lynn Pressman, Founders</li>
<li>Rose Art, Sydney Rosen, owner</li>
<li>Russ Berrie and Company, Russel Berrie, Founder</li>
<li>Shelcore, Sheldon Greeberg, Founder</li>
<li>Shuco, Adolf Kahn, Founder</li>
<li>T. Cohn and Company, Tobias Cohn, Founder</li>
<li>Timpo Toys, Sally Gawrylovitz (Ally Gee), Founder</li>
<li>Tip & Company & Mettoy, Philip Ullmann</li>
<li>Trix, Stephan Bing</li>
<li>Toby Toys, Alan and Rosalie Collins</li>
<li>Topper Toys/Deluxe Reading, Henry Orenstien, Founder</li>
<li>Uncle Andy’s Toys, Andy Breckman, Founder</li>
<li>Uncle Milton, Milton Levine, Founder</li>
<li>Wicked Cool Toys, Jeremy Padawar and Michael Rinzler, Founders</li>
<h3>Retailers and Distributors</h3>
<li>F.A.O. Schwarz, Frederick August Otto Schwarz, Founder</li>
<li>Mastermind Toys, Jonathan and Andy Levy, Founders</li>
<li>MOKO Toys, Moses Kohnstram, Founder</li>
<li>M.W. Kasch Company, Morey W. Kasch</li>
<li>Toys R Us, Charles Lazurus, Founder</li>
<h3>Toy Designer/Inventors</h3>
<li>Marty Abrams, SkyDancers and Magna Doodle</li>
<li>Ralph Baer, Magnavox Odyssey and Simon</li>
<li>Abe Bookman, Magic 8 Ball</li>
<li>Jeffery Breslow, Mouse Trap, Ants in the Pants</li>
<li>Adolph Eddie Goldfarb, Yakkity Yak Teeth</li>
<li>Ephraim Hertzano, Rummicube</li>
<li>Greg Hyman and Larry Greenberg, Alphie the Robot, Tickle Me Elmo</li>
<li>Reuben Klamer, Game of Life</li>
<li>Thea and Ora Koster, IceTix, Guess Who</li>
<li>George Lerner, Mr. Potato Head</li>
<li>Burt Meyer, Light Brite, Mouse Trap, Rock ‘em Sock, em, Robots, Toss Across</li>
<li>Mordecai Mierowitz, Mastermind</li>
<li>Daniel Okrent, Rotisserie Baseball</li>
<li>Enno Rubik, Rubik’s Cube</li>
<h3>Video Game/Pinball/Arcade Companies</h3>
<li>Activision/Blizzard, Bobby Kotik, CEO</li>
<li>Chicago Coin, Sam Gensburg, Lou Koren, and Sam Wolberg, Founders</li>
<li>Commodore, Jack Tramiel, Founder</li>
<li>Genco, Louis, Meyer, and David Gensburg, Founders</li>
<li>Global Game Jam, Susan Gold, Founder and President</li>
<li>Gottlieb, David and Alvin Gottlieb, Founders</li>
<li>Sega, David Rosen, Founder</li>
<li>Stern Electronics, Sam and Gary Stern, Founders</li>
<li>Stern Pinball, Gary Stern, Founder</li>
<li>Taito, Michael Kogan, Founder</li>
<h3>Video Game Designers and Writers</h3>
<li>Richard Dansky, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon Franchises</li>
<li>David Gilbert, The Shiva</li>
<li>Andrew C Greenberg, Wizardry</li>
<li>Elan Lee, The Beast</li>
<li>Jordan Mechner, Prince of Persia</li>
<li>Steve Meretsky, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy</li>
<li>Warren Spector, Deus Ex, Epic Mickey</li>